We take a look at Zoe's Buckinghamshire cottage


Zoe Hobbs invites Now to take a look inside the cosy country home she shares with her Strictly Come Dancing star husband Brendan Cole.

The pretty blonde ? who married dancer Brendan in 2010 – adores the couple’s 300-year-old, two-bedroom house in Buckinghamshire.

‘I bought this cottage when I was 24 and had just started modelling,? she tells us.

?I wanted somewhere quiet to come back to after the bustle of London.?

Zoe?s handsome partner is very busy on Strictly Come Dancing but he also loves to try his hand at decorating – and often struggles to complete jobs due to his packed schedule.

‘Brendan’s surprisingly good at DIY but he always wants to start right away, even when there isn’t enough time to finish,? Zoe reveals.

‘He once decided to landscape the garden two months before Strictly Come Dancing began. We spent five months looking at a mud patch until he was able to get back to it.’

Zoe Hobbs and Brendan Cole?s abode boasts some fabulous furniture including a cream French-style bedside cabinet and wooden round wall clock featuring Roman numerals on its face.

Despite having such stunning pieces around her, Zoe admits that the first thing she?d save in the event of a fire is a pink Alice Temperley dress.

She posed in the fancy frock at Paris Fashion Week and was so smitten with it that her husband bought it for her as a surprise.

Zoe Hobbs and Brendan Cole have made an effort to get to know locals and really feel that they have become part of the community.

‘Now we’ve got loads of friends in the area and Brendan even plays for the cricket team,’ she says.

‘Recently a whole party from the village came to watch his show Live And Unjudged and afterwards they all went back to the pub. When we walked in, the whole pub stood up and applauded.’