Girlband Eternal are set to reunite next month - when Louise Redknapp takes to the stage in Liverpool for 9to5 The Musical.

But while the October reunion will only involve half of the band – Loose Women panelist and Hollyoaks star Kellie Bryan and Louise Redknapp – there is a possibility that the girls will get their heads together over a possible full Eternal reunion.

Louise, 44, has made no secret of the fact she is open to the girls reforming and we asked Kellie for her thoughts on a comeback with Louise plus their bandmates and real-life sisters Vernie Bennett and Easther Bennett.

Speaking to us on the red carpet of the TV Choice Awards, Kellie said, ‘I never say never because life has a funny way of turning things around but at the moment I’m doing Hollyoaks, I’m an official Loose Woman so my hands are really full and I love what I’m doing but never say never.’

She continued, ‘Louise is about to come to Liverpool in her musical 9to5 so I will be going to see her – I’m so supportive of her career, I love what she’s doing and I love her new music as well, so it’s all good.’

The support from Kellie will be much needed as Louise revealed last week that she was postponing her upcoming Heavy Love album launch because she was unable to promote it fully.

At the time Louise issued a statement, which read, ‘To all my incredible fans, old and new, who’ve supported me in pre-ordering my new album Heavy Love.

Due to clashes between my 9-5 schedule in October, and the fact that it means missing key promotional opportunities around the launch of the album; my record company has asked me to push back the album release date a little.’

The mother-of-two continued, ‘This has not been an easy decision and I hate to let anyone down. Heavy Love has been two years in the making with blood, sweat and (a lot!) of tears.

‘And so I want to fully commit to its release, and showing it off to its fullest potential. With this in mind it feels like the right thing to do.’

Meanwhile, speaking about her new job as a Loose Women panelist, Kellie said she was settling in, adding ‘It’s really weird being on Loose Women, to think 10-15 years ago having a group of women together would be an absolute nightmare, and it is an absolute nightmare but in a really good way, it’s amazing. Everyone gets on really well, people go on holiday together, we all hang out. It’s really great. I’m a newbie so I’m getting used to all the in-jokes, I’m the one that laughs last.’

So will we hear some juicy gossip in coming months? It doesn’t look likely. Kellie adds, ‘I did a warning for everybody, my husband, kids and parents, I do phone them before I do a storyline and say are you comfortable with that? Just to make sure they are happy. I don’t want to be airing my dirty laundry.’