She was declaed bankrupt last year


Katie Price apparently wants her ex boyfriend, Dwight Yorke, to help her out financially after being declared bankrupt last year.

Katie Price

The TV star thinks that Dwight owes her as he’s failed to support their now 17-year-old son Harvey.

A source told Heat magazine, “Dwight is one of Katie’s wealthiest exes, and she feels she’s long overdue some kind of settlement from him that would secure her and Harvey’s future.

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“She genuinely wants him to play an active role in Harvey’s life, but she also thinks she should be compensated for all the hard work she puts in as a single parent.

Katie Price

“She says that she’s spent a fortune over the years on his health and educational needs.”

While it’s not clear whether former footballer Dwight financially supports Harvey or not, he initially denied being his bioloigcal father when Katie gave birth to him in 2002.

It comes after Katie decided to take part in dry January in a bid to lose weight and turn her life around in 2020.

A pal told The Sun Online, “Katie knows she let herself go a bit over the last year – especially over the summer when she was drinking and partying way too much.

“For Katie this is the perfect time to detox and get herself back to her best.

“She had a really quiet and sensible Christmas and carried that on over New Year in Thailand.”

They added, “Now she wants to keep it going through January by not drinking and eating really healthily – which is something she tends to do anyway.

“Katie isn’t doing this for anyone else. She just wants to feel better in herself.

“She is only a week in but has already been saying how much more energy she has.”