She looks great for it!

Susanna Reid has confessed to gaining half a stone over Christmas – but rather than beating herself up about it, she’s ‘proud’ of her weight gain.

Susanna Reid

Speaking on GMB today, she told viewers, “I have put on half a stone over Christmas, and I am wearing it proudly.

“I’m all about anti-resolutions. No goals. I’m not going to do some crazy park run exercise regime, I’m just going to accept it.”

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Last year, Susanna, who turns 50 this year, completely overhauled her lifestyle in a bid to lose weight after her doctor warned her that her BMI was on the high end.

Susanna Reid

Speaking about her regime, she said, “I wanted to shift some weight and as part of that I gave up drink.

“I’ve stopped snacking between meals and I am eating more sensibly too.”

As a result of her new healthy lifestyle, the presenter lost an impressive 1.5 stone and confessed, “I’ve lost a stone-and-a-half and I feel fantastic.”

But she anticipated that she might struggle to keep it up over Christmas, admitting, “Christmas always throws a spanner in the works…

“It might come to Christmas Day and someone pours me a large glass of Bucks Fizz – or on New Year’s Eve I might fancy some vodka shots.

“But then again I might feel like I can keep going.”

And it seems her relaxed approach to her weight is Susanna’s way of starting as she means to go on this year.

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In her Daily Mail column, she wrote today, “This year, my goal is not to worry so much. Be prepared for work and be there for the children, but don’t over-stress.”

We couldn’t agree more, Susanna!